Changes are Coming

I am moving.

A few years ago, I started to have an inkling that CA was no longer nourishing me. I craved something more, a different type of life. The current living arrangements of being in a large city- a requirement for work- wasn’t working. Each day, my anxiety of being surrounded by crowds and concrete grows.

My visions of my best life included having a small farm, wildcrafting right out my back door, living deeply in tune with the seasons, and, not being in debt.

I want more nature, more wildness, more simple. I want nature right out my back door. I want to see the stars at night. I want to curl up in a garden and read and not hear my neighbors or the roar from passing cars. I want a small home and a dirt road and to warm my hands over a wood stove. I want these things so badly that I could feel the longing deep in my soul- and it hurts.

Yes, it’s possible to find that in CA, but the honest truth is that CA is expensive. We are lucky and we’ve lived quite comfortably on my husband’s salary. But there is more to life than working 70+ hours a week to afford it. One of our values is to live without a mortgage. And we can’t do that here.

I love California, and being from here is a big part of my identity. I love her coasts, her deserts, her mountains, and her foothills. We can be flooded, quaked, burned, but still we rise.
But, the California that I grew up in- deep in the redwood forest, is no longer accessible to me. I can’t afford the area. The mountain has been divided, fences gates put up, strangers filling the spaces between the trees and gullies.

Yes, there are less expensive areas, but by the time you reach that, you’re so far out from a city that there is little work, and you STILL have a CA mortgage. So for the past 2 years, my husband and I have been exploring different regions of the US. We’ve been looking for a place that we can buy outright, a region that isn’t regularly affected by drought or wildfire, at the lowest growing zone 5b (6a is ideal), and where we can have at least 10 acres but still be an hour outside a major metropolitan area.

The time has come. We are moving. We’ve decided on his native New England.


We don’t have a place yet. We’ll be staying with my husband’s mom in New Hampshire while we property hunt. Our plan is most likely buying in Maine. There is one property that’s a bit outside of Portland that we have been keeping our eye on- 30 acres, river frontage, and a mix of clearing and woods.

Our house is already in escrow. We will be leaving on April 17th.

I’m excited to share the journey with you!



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    March 12, 2019 at 6:13 am

    oh wow, leaving so soon! I hope you find the place you are wanting in Maine!

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