woman sits in garden with a cup of teaWelcome to Quarter Moon Living!

I’m Melissa. I’m so glad you’re here!

Quarter Moon Living is the story of cultivating a lifestyle centered around reconnecting to nature, rewilding, and creating a slow and intentional life. It’s my story of returning back home to our Ancient Mother.

I grew up on the central coast of California and fostered a love for the natural world at an early age. My family lived without electricity and I surrounded by redwoods and only minutes from the beach. My mom is an avid gardener, my dad a woodcutter.

As I grew up, I got sucked into the “American Dream” and convinced myself that the nice house, the stuff, the muchness that our modern, capitalistic society tells us will make us happy was the path for me. But it wasn’t.

I found myself craving something more- not more stuff, but more meaning. More calm. More intention. More empowerment. More connection. More wild. More nature.

In the past, our ancestors were deeply connected with the earth, aware of the natural cycles and rhythms. I believe that this connection is crucial to not only survive but also, to thrive. “Sustainability” wasn’t a trendy buzzword, it was a way of life, a life filled with reciprocity. Yet, somewhere and somehow, we got lost. We can see the results all around us and feel it in our body and our hearts: the climate crisis, in rising levels of stress and anxiety, our growing dependence on screens and technology, increasing rates of disease.

The solution is not to recreate the past, mimicking the era of a “simpler time”. It’s about returning to ourselves and coming home to the world we never stopped belonging to. It’s a path to heal our disconnection from nature and allow us to move forward to a future where people and the Earth nurture each other.

On the blog, I share projects, practices, recipes, mind-shifts, rituals, and routines that nourish the life that I dream of and bring me closer to being my best self. This type of lifestyle shift isn’t a one and done kinda deal, it’s a perpetual journey, and I share what I learn along the way. I hope my own stories will help inspire others like you on your own path.

Let’s journey together.

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woman stands in a meadow of mugwort