wise one,

Our Earth is calling for
you to come back home

Have you heard her?


Quarter Moon Living is a resource for women looking for a slower, simpler, and natural way of living; a guide to become attuned to the seasons and reclaim our connection to nature, self and ancestral ways.


Solo Enlightenment & Clarity Call

Receive advice, clarity, and encouragement as we discuss a particular area or project in your life, from garden planning to mindful morning routines, to getting chickens to reducing plastics in the home.

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Garden Planning & Coaching

Grow your best garden yet with guidance tailored for your garden and your space. Receive a planting calendar, personalized reminders, and ongoing support throughout the growing season.

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Sustainable & Rewilding Guidance

Personalized programs to guide you on your path of reconnecting to nature. Find empowerment through rewilding, learn skills of the old ways, and shift to a slower and more sustainable life.

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I’m Melissa, a writer, naturalist, an old soul, a modern homemaker, horticulturist, green witch, and the voice behind Quarter Moon Living.

I’ve learned that in our modern age, the answer to live well is to reconnect to nature, live slow, leave lighter footprints on our Earth, and to learn skills of the old folk ways- the land-based and wise ways of the women before us. I’m dedicated to sharing ideas, inspiration, wisdom, and practices to help you do the same.

I’m honored to be your ally and guide for this journey.

Are You Ready?